Friday, August 20, 2010

Save the Date - India

Working on this project was a fun challenge for me. When Rohini contacted me about her save the dates, she didn't really have a idea of what she wanted. She new that she liked a vintage look and wanted something really different, but that was about all that I had to go on.

She is having a wedding weekend in India. She herself is traveling from London and has guests coming in from Hong Kong, the U.S., South America, etc. After talking about what she likes and what she doesn't like for an invitation, we knew she wanted to do travel theme.

I thought this would be a good post to show kind of how the design process works, from start to finish, because this invitation was truly a team effort. So often brides come with an idea in mind and I build from there. Rohini didn't really have one. She knew what she liked, and I helped her develop her concept and from that point on, she had a huge part in creating the design.

My first thought was a vintage travel poster. This was the first round of the design process:

My plan was to print this in a large format, like a poster and then send it in a mailing tube. I thought this was cool, she thought it was too stereotypical and literal. I couldn't really argue with her, she is right, but I still like it :) On to the second round...

The second idea was to do a vintage map and illustrate where everyone was coming from.

I did some research and found this great quote about travel and friends. Rohini really liked it and it tied the whole the concept together. Again my plan was to print this large scale and send it in a mailing tube. While she liked this design, she decided that less is more and that she really didn't want something shipped in a tube. She wanted thick cotton cardstock, with a long narrow layout and the transparent map envelopes that I have been doing so much of this year.

Here is the end result, and I have to agree with her, less is more.

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