Friday, April 3, 2009

Vintage Bride

Talk about inspiration! I love this image and it is none other, than my very stylish and classy Grandmother, Ruth Leonard. She has since passed away, and we are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of her death. She is a constant inspiration and I owe much of my artistic talent and ability to both her and my mother as they were both creative and talented ladies.

My Grandmother and Grandfather were married on March, 22, 1940 in a Methodist church, surrounded by skyscrapers in New York City. They held their reception at the Waldorf Astoria, (how glamorous :) and the following day, set sail for South America on a 6 week cruise.

The dress in the picture was made of ivory peau du soie, with tiny seed pearl beading sewn on and around the neckline with a veil made of tulle. One of the reasons that I love this dress is that she used to let us play dress up in it when we were kids!! Can you imagine?! By the time my sister and I got our hands on it, the veil was practically crumbling in our hands and the dress was yellowed with age, but it was still beautiful. I remember how heavy it was and wondering how my Grandma could wear such a thing for as tiny as she was...more to come.

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