Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tuscan Wedding

Lia came to us with a very specific theme for her wedding invitations. Both Lia and her fiance had spent a good deal of time in Italy and fell in love with the Italian countryside of Tuscany. She wanted to convey that throughout her invitation suite. She wanted a very organic, natural feel, and lemons! I did some research and found an image of lemons that she liked. Once we decided on that, I incorporated the swirling, vine design to add to the softer, natural feel of things.

The bride chose a gate fold, instead of the traditional pocket fold that we have been doing so much of lately. It was nice to do something thing different. She is a details girl which I can appreciate and love! She sees the importance of envelope liners, calligraphy and the right printing style. We chose a lemon hued envelope liner, a textured gate fold, which was offset by the smooth, white card stock for the interior cards and she is having a friend do the calligraphy on the mailing envelopes. Lia liked the look and feel of thermography printing. It is a printing technique that raises the ink on the page, giving it a textured feel. Very elegant.

She also opted for the timeline, instead of the standard reception card. It's a fun way to personalize your invitations. Her Aunt is making Italian cookies for everyone at the reception and Lia wanted to give her recognition for it. We were able to give her Aunt a "shout out" on the timeline as a thank you for her hard work. The response card and envelope is held in place with a pretty, gold cord and there is space on the card for guests to write a special message to the bride and groom!

The reception is being held on the beautiful grounds of the Cuneo Mansion in the suburbs of Chicago. What most people don't know is that this is also the site of where the movie, My Best Friend's Wedding, with Julia Roberts was filmed! Can't wait to see the pictures! This is going to be a spectacular event!

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