Wednesday, February 23, 2011

French Letterpress Invitations

This is one of my favorite wedding suites to date. Jackie is have a destination wedding of sorts in Cannes, France. Her inspiration was sort of an Art Nouveau style with ornate, French details. Her original colors were plum and apple green, but with a wedding by the sea, we decided that the soft aqua was much more appropriate, and I am so glad she did! The subtleness of the aqua, paired with the contrast of black makes such an impact.

For the graphics, I chose a swirl pattern that reminded me of the ocean waves and added the speckles for interest and an unexpected detail. You could even say they look like grains of sand. :) Fot the French details, I used a lacy looking boarder and used it sparingly within the booklet and on the thank you card. We also incorporated a bit of French with the English translation on the pieces for fun and personalization.

The bride really wanted to have letterpress, but had to work within a budget. So we letterpressed the invitation and booklet only, and offset printed the remaining pieces.

With guests coming from all over the world, she wanted to include information about travel options, hotels and things to do while in Cannes. The best way to combine all of this information was in a booklet. It even has space in the back to write notes. This way, guests can carry it with them. We eliminated the traditional response card to save, and she is having her guests email her with their RSVP. The other pieces included a weekend timeline and an invitation to the rehearsal dinner.

Everything was packaged beautifully with a simple cord wrap in variegated colors of blues, greens and aqua.

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