Thursday, February 24, 2011

Food Diary of A Pregnant Lady - (The Last 24 Hours)

I am writing this as a reminder to myself 5 months from now, when I wonder how I could have possibly gained 40 lbs. during this pregnancy.

3:00 AM - I am awakened. I have to pee, someone is kicking me from the inside and I am starving. I walk downstairs in the dark to find a granola bar. Seems like the only sensible and convenient thing to eat in the middle of the night.

7:00 AM - Take 1 prenatal horse pill and 3 Ibuprofen (believe it or not, these are Dr. approved) for the persistent headaches.

7:15 AM - Breakfast. Egg on toast and a can of Coke. (Not so Dr. approved)

7:25 AM - Still hungry. Second breakfast. Egg on toast.

9:00 AM - Drive by the donut store. I resist the urge to pull in and get one. Remind myself that donuts were my downfall in the last pregnancy.

9:20 AM - Eat a Cadbury Egg that I picked up in the gas station on a whim a few days ago. WHAT?! I don't even like those things. I never have! Not even as a kid! But I wonder why because they are quite tasty.

12:30 PM - Lunch date with a friend. I order the burrito/taco combo plate with a side of beans and rice, another coke. I practice some restraint and only eat 85% of it.

1:30 PM - I tell myself that as a Pregnant, I am no longer allowed to eat Mexican. I feel horrible.

3:00 PM - Handful of mini chocolate chip cookies.

5:00 PM - First dinner. Half of an avacado and the remainder of Cam's grilled cheese.

5:15 PM - Two spoonfuls of Cam's superman ice cream.

5:45 PM - Remove Cam from his timeout chair and crack a mini bottle of red wine. That equals one glass, so all of you pregnancy health nuts out there, don't get all crazy on me. My Dr. doesn't mind the occasional glass.

6:00 PM - After a day of stuffing my face with grotesque Mexican food, I decide that chicken salad would be our best option for dinner. Start prepping that. Crack another mini bottle of wine. (Shhh. Not so Dr. or husband approved).

7:00 PM - Feel slightly better about myself. Perhaps due to the light meal and wine.

8:00 PM - The vanilla ice cream is calling my name. Have a bowl of that with chocolate sauce.

9:00 PM - Thoroughly disgusted with myself, call it a night and vow to eat better tomorrow.

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