Friday, December 18, 2009

Really Santa, Really?

Ok, I couldn't resist. Here's some Holiday spirit for you. Did you know that Santa only works a 9 to 5er? Actually, he stops taking appointments after 5. SORRY. How ridiculous. So what do us working parents do? Well, you sneak out of your job early, drive like a mad man home to pick up your kid so you can meet Santa on time. Fight with your kid, trying despretely to stuff tiny arms (or in our case, chubby arms and double chins) into a red turtle neck, zig-zag in and out of rush hour traffic to the MALL, only to be thwarted by the mini-van going 20 in the left lane. You drop mom off at the door, cuz it's 4:59 and she needs to get her place in line, while dad and kid drive around looking for a parking space. They find one, on the third floor of the parking structure, 2 miles away from the nearest door. Mom makes it to Santa, but by now it is 5:01, and guess what?! Santa won't take any more appointments! AGGGGHHHHH. I guess we will leave our jobs extra early today and give it another shot.

This is my son having a tantrum before going to see Santa.

I will not show you the picture of Mommy having a tantrum when she found Santa wasn't taking any more appointments.

Take a deep breath and Have a Happy Holiday everyone!

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