Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Cards

This year's holiday Cards.

Because we have had some changes at PQ, I wanted to do kind of a timeline of events of the past year, leading up to where we are now. It was definitely inspired by those cheesy typed up letters that you inevitably get every year from your Aunt in South Dakota, bragging about how successful your cousins are and all of the exciting places they have traveled in the past year. So, we did that, but put some humor in it and made it look much cooler than a typed up letter on ugly holiday paper. :)

And then of course, the family card. I will have you know, I orchestrated this shoot over Thanksgiving weekend at the lake. I told everyone that they had to wear red or green and look as J.Crew as possible. I think the rest of my family thought I was crazy and self absorbed, but they do not understand my process!

1 comment:

  1. Your holiday card was a total stand-out in this year's stack of mail! Thanks so much for the great design, fantastic humor, and irrepressible charm!


    Kimberly & Heather