Friday, January 16, 2009

Arranging Bookshelves

Its a good mail day when my latest issue of Communication Arts arrives, so when I received it the other day I was excited to find out that they are going to be adding another design annual to their subscription by 2011. Best of all it is going to be a Typography annual! Such an important part of design. It can make or break the whole look and feel if you have not chosen the proper type. When I start a new design, I often spend hours looking for the perfect font, scouring my collection and sites such as, and for others. It has gotten to the point that I can recognize them when I see them on the street and I know them by name!

They also had an article about organizing your bookshelves. As seen above, the shelves in my office are organized by color, with all of my annuals and back issues of Martha Stewart Weddings on the bottom. Not the easiest way to find things, but they look pretty. :)

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