Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spanish Style Laser Cut Invitations

This project was great for me to work on because I was able to try a few techniques I haven't done before!

When I first talked with Andrea, she knew the type of design she was looking for, but in terms of papers used, printing techniques, and a unique band to hold it all together, she wanted to let the design dictate that, and then decide what she wanted.

She is getting married in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Andrea wanted her invitations to reflect that Old World, Spanish style, - charming, romantic and elegant. She sent me some amazing photos for inspiration. She especially liked the architectural iron work that you see so much of there. That became the overall influence on the design. The wedding will be held at Castillo San Cristobal.

Spanish architecture and Andrea's actual dress!

For the design I found various ironwork details. The scrolls on the response card are actually replicas of spanish door hinges. The scrolls on the invitation are replicas of part of a candelabra. The patterns on the timeline are taken from a Spanish tile design.

Andrea also opted for the thick, luxurious, cotton paper and a combination of gold thermography printing and flat printing.

We had toyed with the idea of the band opening like a door, and I was thinking of just printing a Spanish gate design on that, but then she came to me with a laser cut band that she had seen on Etsy. She really liked the cutout look. I contacted the vendor, and they were able to take my design, make it so that it wrapped around the entire invitation and replicate 100 of them in 3 days! Each one took 20 minutes to cut out!

I then had a custom wax seal made for her and everything was held together with a sheer gold ribbon and the wax seal.

She is using vintage stamps and hand-lettered calligraphy for the envelopes. The graphic on the back flap on the envelope is the same design on the wax seal.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I've never seen an invite like it!