Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Birdcage Wedding

Last year birds were a popular design theme. This year, I am making the call, it's birdcages! Hello? Has anyone seen the Louis Vuitton storefront? Handbags in giant birdcages. Enough said.

For Kristin's invitation suite, we went with pretty spring colors, green and sky blue and a hint of pink in the backing layer, envelope and the band that held all of the cards in place.

We did a timeline.

A cute response postcard. In keeping with the overall theme, we added the, "A little bird told me."

Finally, a directions card.


  1. I love the birdcage theme, especially the timeline idea with the "a little bird told me"

  2. These are wonderful! Such a nice combination of colors--it manages to be cheerful and romantic.

  3. This is a really late comment but I just saw this for the first time - Molly we LOVED our invites they were gorgeous, we can't thank you enough you do beautiful work!