Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Agri-chic Wedding Invitations

Kylee first contacted me after she had heard about PQ from Dawn Hall of Petal and Forrest, a wedding coordinator from my home town of Haslett none the less! When Kylee told me the details I got really excited. It was something different with a definite theme, which is always nice. :) Both Kylee and her fiance work in the agricultural/farming field and it is a very important part of who they are as a couple. Dawn and Kylee came up with the "agri-chic" theme for the wedding. She wanted to incorporate elements of farming and agriculture into her wedding, but not bales of hay everywhere!

We went for a pretty swirl design and added little agricultural details into the timeline to personalize it.

This was a first for the printing for me. We opted for not only flat printing, but also brown and gold thermography. You will notice that the gold is raised and it give it that three dimensional look. Very pretty.

I am also working on accessories for her wedding. I can't wait to show those off! Many more personal details. They are giving away popping corn as a favor that they actually grew themselves! Stay tuned!

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