Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hand Painted Birth Announcement

When Rebecca contacted me earlier this season for baby announcements, I was thrilled! Not only does she have great style, but she is also the author behind, Clover and Bee, an awesome blog dedicated to all things midwest weddings. Being a Michigander, how could I not love this blog! :) 

The best thing about working on these invites, was that Rebecca totally trusted me to try something I have never done...hand-painted announcements! I think the result was just what she was looking for, a decorative, folk-artsy, feel.

I have been really inspired lately by the work of Anna over at Rifle Design. I have been waiting for an excuse to bust the paints out.  Rebecca's project seemed to be the perfect one. We got the ok from Rebecca, and away we went! I haven't painted anything since college, but it felt great!

I must say, that I cannot take full credit for this one! My husband, Matt, who is creative in his own right, actually sketched out the entire design and I just did the painting. :) He also drew images of ourselves in our son's Yellow Submarine birth announcement! If he keeps this up, we might have to put him on the pay roll!

Rebecca also suggested adding her and her husband's initials carved into the tree. Love it! It adds that personal touch.


  1. Beautiful work! Did you hand paint them all or scan and print?


  2. Oops, my comment went away. I wanted to just say these are beautiful. Nice work.