Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Save the Date - Represent Your State

Paul and Elizabeth have lived all over the country, but met and became a couple in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They new that they were going to have a lot of out-of-town guests and because Santa Fe is such a special place to them both, they really wanted to represent that in their save the dates. So we opted for a  rustic, travel themed announcement.

Everything about Elizabeth and Paul is unique and different, therefore, they certainly didn't want the traditional look. They really appreciate the natural beauty of New Mexico, so we definitely wanted to incorporate the sunset, which New Mexico is famous for. We also added lavender, which grows like weeds. They are going to be incorporating some some Native American traditions in their ceremony, so I wanted to make sure we included that element as well. The repeating pattern at the bottom of the announcement is a typical Native American basket weave design and to give it that personal touch, the "yee-haw" is an expression that Paul uses frequently. He did spend some years in Texas after all. :)

To give it that rustic look, we chose craft paper for the announcement and glassine envelopes. I also ordered a bunch of vintage maps of New Mexico on ebay and cut them out and printed the addresses on them. Last but not least, we ordered vintage stamps from Champion Stamps.

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